Saturday, 2 March 2013

Inspired By: Mello Yello (Patchwork Refresher)

It's been a while since I've done an "inspired by" post, so today I give you my inspiration - the drink 'mello yello'.  Not the healthiest drink, but the colours always remind me of a cool citrus-y drink on a hot summer day.

Colour Inspiration

1)  Apply base - yellow - Sally Hansen (360) Hard As Nails: "Mellow Yellow".
2)  Let completely dry.
3)  Take a piece of tape and lay it across the nail, corner near cuticle to the opposite corner at the en of the nail  - do not press down too hard on the tape, as it may take off some not-yet-dry polish upon removal - hence the emphasis on step 2).
4)  Over un-taped piece of nail, apply thick coat - green -
Sally Hansen (110) Hard As Nails: "Green with Envy".
5) Promptly, but carefully, remove tape to reveal patchwork design.

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